What is True Happiness Made Of?

Most people think that life is very complicated. There are many people who know that they are unhappy but they just don’t know why. Does that sound like you? If it does, then this brief article and audio commentary will help you pinpoint exactly what area of your life is making you unhappy so you can focus on one thing at a time instead of feeling overwhelmed and confused. It’s a fact: Happiness is made up of 7 things.

Here are the areas that make up the Relationship part of your happiness:

1. Family: Family is the important of the 7 things. It determines your confidence and happiness level as an adult. If you were raised in a supportive and loving family, chances are, you’re a confident adult who is overall pretty content with life. If your parents were unsupportive and viewed you as an inconvenience, you will carry a great burden today and struggle to be happy in life.

2. Friends: Real friends know how to give and receive. When you surround yourself with these people, you’ve got this area of your happiness covered.

3.Great Self Image: A great self image could be described as someone who is confident by not arrogant. Again, a great portion of your confidence level is due to a loving and supportive family.

And then there are the Resources that make up the remaining 4 facets of your happiness:

4. Health: When you think of your health, you probably don’t think of emotions, but in fact, your emotions have a LOT to do with your health.

5. Money: Money is not what you think. Money is actually "votes of confidence". Confidence is nothing more than a feeling. Money IS a feeling. Money and confidence go hand in hand.

6. Time: Time is related to money. If you waste your time instead of trying to make money (either through a job, or your own business), another area of your happiness will suffer as a result: money. If you are lacking confidence, other people can take advantage of your time ¦which can also cost you money. The more you think about these 7 areas of your life, the more you will see how they directly relate to one another.

7. Peace of Mind: Peace of mind is the reward you get when you’ve reached happiness in the 6 other areas of life.

Want to know more about the 7 areas of life that make up true happiness? Go to Chapter 10 in Softhearted Woman Hard World to learn more about what true happiness really is. Even if your home life as a child was less than desirable, and your confidence is suffering as a result, you can still live happily as an adult today. Improve your confidence today.