What is True Happiness Made Of?

Most people think that life is very complicated. There are many people who know that they are unhappy but they just don’t know why. Does that sound like you? If it does, then this brief article and audio commentary will help you pinpoint exactly what area of your life is making you unhappy so you can focus on one thing at a time instead of feeling overwhelmed and confused. It’s a fact: Happiness is made up of 7 things.

Here are the areas that make up the Relationship part of your happiness:

1. Family: Family is the important of the 7 things. It determines your confidence and happiness level as an adult. If you were raised in a supportive and loving family, chances are, you’re a confident adult who is overall pretty content with life. If your parents were unsupportive and viewed you as an inconvenience, you will carry a great burden today and struggle to be happy in life.

2. Friends: Real friends know how to give and receive. When you surround yourself with these people, you’ve got this area of your happiness covered.

3.Great Self Image: A great self image could be described as someone who is confident by not arrogant. Again, a great portion of your confidence level is due to a loving and supportive family.

And then there are the Resources that make up the remaining 4 facets of your happiness:

4. Health: When you think of your health, you probably don’t think of emotions, but in fact, your emotions have a LOT to do with your health.

5. Money: Money is not what you think. Money is actually "votes of confidence". Confidence is nothing more than a feeling. Money IS a feeling. Money and confidence go hand in hand.

6. Time: Time is related to money. If you waste your time instead of trying to make money (either through a job, or your own business), another area of your happiness will suffer as a result: money. If you are lacking confidence, other people can take advantage of your time ¦which can also cost you money. The more you think about these 7 areas of your life, the more you will see how they directly relate to one another.

7. Peace of Mind: Peace of mind is the reward you get when you’ve reached happiness in the 6 other areas of life.

Want to know more about the 7 areas of life that make up true happiness? Go to Chapter 10 in Softhearted Woman Hard World to learn more about what true happiness really is. Even if your home life as a child was less than desirable, and your confidence is suffering as a result, you can still live happily as an adult today. Improve your confidence today.

6 thoughts on “What is True Happiness Made Of?”

  1. This miniseries video helped to explain the process of the event triggering the thought and iTV triggering the feelings and then the behavior, which was helpful for us visual learners. What it didn’t show is how to stop this ‘bad’ chain reaction happening. That is what I need the most.
    I have ordered the book to check this out in more detail. Just a comment – does everything have to be a promotion of the book? I got a little turned off by the promotion at the bottom of every email in the 7 series.

  2. The DVD explains most of this. To stop the triggering events from taking over. There is process that involves the SAW, STAMP, and the story.

  3. People who have seen my 7-Secrets video have watched me make my logical case (which has not been made clear and simple in the past) that the human nervous system is an absolute slave to our imagination, or what I call the imagination television or ITV. Once people watch this video, they immediately see the logic in it and want the answer. They want the how-to of how do I control my ITV. The complete answer requires interactivity with a trained Translator (people I train to help you learn to control your negative emotions), but let me give you a short story that will explain how it done. Six months after I had taught Ed, a heating and air conditioning repair man, to control his ITV, he was succeeding in a big way. Ed’s wife and children experienced an immediate relief that dad what a lot kinder and easier to be around. And why not, Ed finally could control his negative feelings in 60 seconds.

    After about six months, Ed went through major surgery. Back at home and through the stress of a major life event, Ed totally lost the discipline of controlling his ITV. Finally, he called me. In about 30 minutes, he was his old wonderful self again. How did that happen? I ran his ITV for him. I asked him “Ed, do you remember Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox?” He instantly agreed because he had good childhood memories of Paul Banyan and his ox when his parents took him to the pancake house of the same name. Outside that restaurant had built a 36 foot Paul Bunyan with blue ox to match. Immediately I began running his ITV for him. I told him “Imagine this Ed. You’ve just become Paul Bunyan and you now tower over the pancake house. 36 feet tall, 575 pounds of sheer power. Down there, in the parking lot is all the evil ugliness of your dark nature, let’s call him Freddy. Freddy is the source of all you anger, bitterness, cruelty, impatience and self centeredness which your family cannot endure. When Freddy controls your ITV, you become just like him.

    Now Freddy is ugly and mean, but now he’s only 3 feet tall. He is terrified of you but knows you won’t step on the cars in the packed parking lot so he keeps running between the cars trying to avoid being stepped on. He must get into the pancake house so he can control you another day. But you are determined to stomp him out before he can escape. He is proving a bit too fast as he runs between the cars. Finally, your evil Freddy makes a terrible miscalculation and instead of being between two cars, he’s between a car and a flat bed two tire trailer. You seize the moment! As Freddy runs under the trailer, your giant boot pounds the trailer to the pavement. Crushing Freddy beyond repair.”

    I asked Ed, “How do you feel right now?” Ed answered “Lighter, um, happier. I don’t feel upset any more.” His voice had a dramatically changed tone. Ed lost his Freddy in the pancake house parking lot and felt like a million bucks, because I ran Ed’s nervous system for him. He suddenly remembered all the truth of my 7-Secrets to Eliminating Your Negative Feelings in 60 Seconds. Ed realized then and there that he simply lost control and his dark side took over. But now he was back in the control room of his ITV.

    What’s the secret of controlling your ITV? You must see yourself in the ITV movie you make as being stronger, happier, bigger, smarter, faster, while at the same time you see your dark nature, your Freddy to be weaker, unhappy, smaller, dumber and slower than you.

    I am making this very simple for this post, but the best thing anyone can do is work with a Translator to become master of your ITV. It is the secret to fulfillment in this lifetime.

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  5. – Incredible work! My Favorite shot is the one in the church with the bridesmaids fixing the bride’s dress. I also like what you done with the silhouettes. Your work is definitely unique. I can understand why those six shots whon awards. Congratulations!Shaun David

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