Self Help for Depression: Do YOU Walk the Line?

Is your life on the “straight and narrow”?

Do you “walk the line”?

I’m not referring to the Johnny Cash movie, but rather how far off you are from an “ideal” life of happiness. Many people scour the internet in search of self help for depression.

There is a lot of clinical self help information on depression, but I haven’t yet seen anyone talk about discuss the 7 Big Issues of Life. So if you’re one of the millions of people who are searching for some form of self help for depression, use this quiz to identify WHAT, in your life is making you feel this way. From there, you’ll be able to determine what areas of your life you want to improve and search for a solution according to your needs, rather than searching for a general book or course on self help for depression.

What I’m giving you is a way to measure how close you are to being centered and at peace with yourself by determining where you are right now in your relationships, your work and your character.

There are 18 areas to measure and it only takes a couple minutes to do.

You can download the quiz right here

Print out the quiz and read the directions at the top of the PDF to complete the quiz. On each issue, you’ll need to put a dot indicating where you are on the scale. When you’re finished, you’ll connect the dots and get a birds eye view of what is causing you stress in your life.

This quiz will help you get a perspective on which areas of your life could be potentially causing or adding to your depression whether it’s your family, self image, friendships, health, money, time and peace of mind. These are the 7 Big Issues of Life and when one of them is “off-center”; your peace of mind will suffer.

The further you are toward the extreme left or right, the more stress you will experience in your daily life. Until you can walk the straight and narrow (down the center definitions), there will be a price to pay.

Note: If you’re seeking out self help for depression, remember that this quiz is not meant to be a solution, but instead use it as a way to visually “map out” what areas of your life you need to improve.

Who knows, you might even find that life is not so complicated after all.

4 thoughts on “Self Help for Depression: Do YOU Walk the Line?”

  1. Thanks for the useful tool. I filled it out for where I was several months ago and presently (after diligently working on my self-esteem issues and examining my thoughts and motives). I used to be very far from center in every area (not just to the left or just to the right but definitely not center). Presently I find myself very close to center in all areas. It is demonstrated in my life also. I used to be on anti-depressants, didn’t like myself, and didn’t enjoy life. Today I am off meds, am comfortable with who I am, and have a passion that I never felt before. It is possible to transform your life and Mr. Bilotta has some wonderful insights on how to accomplish that transformation.

  2. Hi Teri,

    Thank you for your wonderful comments! I ‘m so glad to hear that you’ve been able to overcome your biggest obsbacles in life. I love hearing success stories like yours! Keep it up!

    – Larry

  3. I really don’t understand any of the questions in the categories on either o the right side, the middle or the left side of the charts particularly in the relationship or character sections or work sections.
    I don’t feel I’m mentally retarded but the whole chart is just incomprehensible to me : right hand, left hand, middle. Do people obsess over this stuff? All I suppose I consider is :Do I have food, shelter, clothing, can I sleep, Am I in physical pain? What assignments will I have at work? Will I have time to go somewhere quiet and read a book or will I have time to go out and have beer or sit on a park bench ? I don’t think I’ve ever had time for any contemplation ofself. Either I’m sleeping or working.Except for finding a rare moment to read or have a beer. No wonder people are so neurosis bound–too much time to analyze too much. Get a job and try to keep it in this economy.
    The qustions seem completely foreign to me. I don’t think about being better than anyone else.

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