Rate YOUR Self-image

This Self Image Quiz will help you get a feel for how well you’re controlling your most negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. The results will help you see your self-image throughout the three most important issues relating to your self-image: what you do, how you relate and how you view yourself.

Answer the questions below using a scale of 7 down to 1.
7 – This absolutely describes me!
1 – No way, that’s not me!

When you’re finished, use the scoring key to find out how you rate on the self-image scale. Okay, let’s get started…


  1. I am competent at what I do
  2. I have interesting things to say
  3. When I attempt to learn something new, I keep at it until I can do it well.
  4. I have enough self confidence to know when I’ve done a good job
  5. I’m doing well compared to those around me
  6. I am reaching my potential to be as successful as I believe I can
  7. I know a good opportunity when I see it and act on it
  8. I don’t ignore problems but deal appropriately with my own mistakes and those of others


  1. People respect me for who I am and what I’ve done
  2. I am worthy of the attention and affection of others
  3. I feel that I am a loving person who is worthy to be loved by others
  4. To the people who depend on me, I am an important person
  5. If I get into a tough bind, I know I have people who will go all out on my behalf
  6. When I make mistakes, my friends and family will still respect me
  7. People like me when I am genuinely being myself
  8. I do very well meeting new people in social situations
  9. I am good at making friends and keeping them
  10. I work hard to not let down the people who care about me
  11. How I feel about myself is far more important than other people’s opinions of me
  12. I can accept that friends may reject me but I get on with my life
  13. I am content with who I am regardless of the opinions of other people
  14. I do not unfairly compare my weaknesses with other’s strengths


  1. I have value in this world and my life has purpose
  2. I am significant because I have a purpose in life
  3. I deserve love and respect just because I am human
  4. I accept myself as I am, flaws and all

Self-image Scoring Key Instructions:

Step 1. Total up your score for each section.

Step 2. In section 1, divide your score by 56

Step 3. In section 2, divide your score by 98

Step 4. In section 3, divide your score by 28

Example: in section 1, let’s say you scored a 48. You scored 48 out of 56. So divide 48 by 56 on your calculator and then hit the % key to find the percentage of each section.

In this case, your score for section 1 would be 86%.

Step 5. Then add up your score for all three sections and divide that total by a top score of 182 to get your total score.

(I.e. divided by 182 = % overall.)

The Results: How’s YOUR Self Image?

91% to 100% (Fantastic Self-Image)
At this level, it is very rare for you to doubt yourself or your success in relating to other people. If you are at this level in life, success comes naturally, you learn from your mistakes and you don’t repeat them. Successful people are attracted to you and in fact, they seek you out. Troubled people find it difficult to relate to you and you find it hard to understand how they cannot fix their troubles.

81% to 90% (Good Self-Image)
You’re not as consistently strong as the level above, but you still find success in life and relationships, leaving you with only temporary frustrations. You either came from a childhood where you were “programmed” to be successful by your parents or you’re “bucking” their negative values and creating a path to success of your own. In any case, finding a fulfilling life is not difficult for you because you have the “inner program” to guide you there.

71% to 80% (Okay Self-Image)
You’ve gone through extended periods of time, even several years, where you’ve hit failures and brick walls. But because you persisted, you got through them and times got better. At this level, your self image is not consistently strong, but it is also not considered to be at risk. You’ve had your share of troubles and misunderstandings with people but you tried not to dwell on your bad feelings. But sometimes, these feelings can be difficult for you to let go. Your self image will greatly improve if you let go of your negative feelings by focusing on what’s happening in “reality” instead of what you “see” in your imagination.

61% to 70% (Greatest Opportunity for Improvement)
You’ve struggled to reach for love, acceptance and a better life. But your life is not only about struggles because you’ve found some happiness in work, relationships and family, even though it has been a narrow group of people. At this Self Image level, you have the greatest opportunity for improvement because you’ve experienced discontent, but you still have the determination to raise yourself up and take the first step towards a better self image.

51% to 60% (Lost and Confused)
At this point, you’re reaching for a sense of who you are and what you are really worth. When someone’s self image is at this level, they sometimes try to fake their happiness by bragging so that they APPEAR to be confident. In reality, this just isn’t true because that “inner feeling” isn’t there. If that’s not you, then you’re battling daily with the “negative voice in your head” that condemns and criticizes you. It is this “little voice” that makes you doubt whether you’re worthy of being loved and whether you even deserve to succeed in life. Learning to eliminate this voice the moment it appears will directly improve your self image. Get started right away to see yourself as an important and valuable person.

41% to 50% (At risk)
This is considered the ‘at risk’ zone. Chances are; your childhood didn’t go well for you. When you needed encouragement, you got abuse, when you needed support; you got cruel words or worse. You have a great deal of pain when it comes to issues like family, friendships, health, money and peace of mind. Right now you have 2 choices: you could stay in this dark place where you don’t get (or let yourself have) the good things in life OR you could do something about your self image and gain acceptance from others, real friends and children who love and depend on you. The choice is yours. You DO deserve to be happy in life. Take the first step right now.

12% to 40% (Danger Zone)
Every description above is amplified in a most negative way at this bottom level. People who have suffered stress induced diseases, gone bankrupt more than once, faced prison terms, been disowned by their families, faced physical abuse or fell into drug dependency have been found in this dark level where no one seems to even want any help. Most people at this level are not ready, willing or able to do what they must to leave this place. Only a dramatic intervention of massive proportions seems to transform these unfortunate people to a higher level on the Self Image scale.

It IS possible to get a better self image at this level, but it will require much more effort and determination in this case.

9 thoughts on “Rate YOUR Self-image”

  1. Excellent! Right on with what I need to do to keep on improving. One problem: you need to divide total score by 300 instead of 182 because we’re talking percentage & a top score for each section is 100% & 3 top scores = 300%. Thanks for this superb quiz.

  2. The statements in the quiz all apply to life no matter where you are or what you are doing. It was a quick quiz, it took more time to calculate the percentages than to actually answer the questions. I scored quite high, and I am very please with the direction my is going today. I have returned to school at middle age and that alone has been a huge difference in how I view myself. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great quiz Larry,
    Had been to PTA of my child today and there was heated discussion about discipline and punishment including corporal punishment. The school’s policy is to not condone corporal punishment but some physical violence like slapping, twisting ears and pinching is taken as ‘part of life’ as long as it is not done vindictively. What is your take on corporal punishments at schools – does it contribute to poor self image and problems in life later on?

  4. Interesting Quiz. I found it fairly accurate except for some questions. In Part 2, such as #1 and 6 for example, People, friends and some family members are one group, but a marriage mate, perhaps the most important person, and how he/she feels or views us, is quite another. In #6, “When I make mistakes, my friends and family will still respect me”, gets a 7, but if it read “will my wife respect me, it would get a 1.
    Thanks for your continued help.

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