WARNING: You Will NEVER Improve Your Confidence...If You Don't FIRST Learn How To Eliminate Your Negative Feelings.

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- Larry Bilotta 


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"Do You Feel like Your Relationships Are Crumbling and You've Missed
Your Purpose in Life?"

"Are You Being Held Back from Reaching Your Dreams Because You Don't Have the Confidence to Achieve Them?"

"Do You Live Your Life in Fear of What Others Think of You?"

If You Answered "Yes" to ANY of the Above Questions, This May be the Most Important Letter You Read All Year.


Because Once I Show You The "Key Ingredients" Necessary To Improve Your Self Image and Overcome Your Negative Feelings...

Problems Like These Will No Longer Exist!

From: Larry Bilotta

Dear Friend, 

Have you ever asked yourself WHY you've been subjected to a lifetime of negative thoughts and feelings? 

Most people don't. They just accept this way of life, never ask questions and never search for a solution.

But NOT YOU. You're different.

You've acknowledged that something needs to change in your life because YOU DESERVE and want a BETTER life.  So I want to take a moment to congratulate you on this.

You've just taken the first and very necessary step towards improving your self-esteem....

You realize your negative feelings ARE a problem.

I'm sure you already know that there's no "quick fix" that will get you the "dream life" you've always wanted.  It's just not as simple as popping a pill and waking up the next morning with a clear head and a positive attitude.

If you're like me, you've lived a challenging, stress-filled life where the people you loved most, have betrayed you and caused you the most pain and anguish. 

You and I did NOT grow up in homes with loving, supportive parents who offered us encouragement and support throughout our lives.

And today, as adults, we're forced to pay the price for the unstable homes we grew up in.


The "price" we pay, whether we like it or not, is displayed in our home, work and social life in ways like:

     A poor self image...

     Being attracted to the wrong kinds of people...

     Being plagued by our negative thoughts on a daily basis...

     Taking out our frustrations or blaming others for our problems...


 And the Truth Is, You'll NEVER Be Able to Move
This Stressful Time in Your Life...Until
You Understand How To Control Your
Emotions and Reactions
To Everyday Life...

And I'm speaking from experience here. Back in 1974, I was a NERVOUS WRECK...I let my negative feelings take over my life...and it almost destroyed me.

I was living proof that if you DON'T learn to control your negative feelings, you will pay with your PHYSICAL as well as mental health.

I had a skin condition known as Eczema on my hands. But believe me, this was no "mild" form of this condition, it was so bad that I had to walk around with my hands in BANDAGES...like a burn victim.  I had no use of my hands at all.

But I'm NOT telling you this so you feel sorry for me.

I'm telling you this because the only reason I suffered with this condition was ENTIRELY because of my EMOTIONS. It's been clinically proven.

But when I learned how to eliminate my negative thoughts, my Eczema gradually began to disappear.

Since then, I have mastered this technique and I have NEVER had a recurrence of that skin condition again...and my overall health has NEVER been better.

In Fact, I Have More Energy Today at Age 57, than I Did
at Age 20...and it is All Because I Learned the Secret
to Controlling my REACTION to "Outside Events".

It took me a long time to realize this, but after years of studying one psychology book after another, one day it finally dawned on me....

"I can control my reactions to the things that happen around me....It's been scientifically proven! The way I feel is entirely up to me!"

I figured out what it takes to instantly "wipe out" the worry and stress that plagues you throughout your day.

And Now I Want to Teach YOU to Do the Same...

"Now You Can Learn How To Instantly Eliminate Painful Feelings...

...STOP Dwelling On Your Problems and START Feeling Better About Yourself..."

This FREE 7-Day Email Mini-Course Will Teach You:


  How to improve your self-esteem
          by "shutting off" your negative
          thoughts the moment they appear.

  How to keep bad feelings like
          jealousy...OUT of your life.

  How to stop worrying what others
          think of you.

  How to get other people to treat
          you better.

  Why focusing on improving your
          attitude actually makes your life
          MORE complicated.

  How to find the quickest path to get
          peace of mind in spite of your

  How to stay clearly focused by
         shutting off the "mindless chatter" in
          your head that creates worry and
  And much, much more!

 For a limited time, I'm “pulling back the curtain” and revealing this method…at no cost to youI believe that this one concept alone has the power to completely transform your life as it has mine. 

In fact, I don’t just believe it…
I’ve seen it.

My clients normally pay $97 an hour to learn how to apply this concept to their lives. So if they found out that I was just GIVING it away, I don’t think they’d be too happy.

That’s why I am only doing this for a limited time.  It just wouldn’t be fair to my other clients if they paid for this service, while I was willingly giving it away to you for free.

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Before I discovered the secret to living a happier life, I had no way to put an end to my worry and stress....there was no solution in sight.

Every day I woke up, I was faced with MORE STRESS and MORE CONFLICT than the day before. I was married to what I thought to be my WORST ENEMY...and I had no way out. 

I read hundreds of self-help books, went to seminars, took personality tests; but what did I walk away with after investing thousands of dollars in hopes of finding a solution?

I had nothing. Nada. Zilch.  After wasting all that time and effort, I knew I wanted a better life, but I had NO IDEA how to get there.

I Was in the Same Place Emotionally as You
Are Right Now, and Probably Worse.

So I bought every book, every program and every course - literally everything I could get my hands on...(with the very small amount of money I had at the time)...

But the problem is; I kept spending what little money I had on all the wrong things that never quite gave me the answer I was looking for...

 Mistake #1Personality Tests

Where do I even begin?  These tests can often be very time consuming to say the least.

In an effort to get a better understanding of myself, I used to spend HOURS taking personality tests that consisted of answering 50+ questions - only to find that my reward was a long, 3 page explanation filled with all kinds of psychology mumbo jumbo.

I don't know about you, but I don’t want to see anything with a brain on it telling me what "type personality" I am.

I know there may be some tests out there that legitimately make a difference in people's lives, but I guess I just wasn't lucky enough to find one of them.

So that was my first failed attempt at understanding who I really was. And needless to say, it didn't help me one bit.

Mistake # 2 — Self-Improvement Seminars

My next attempt was to go to a self-improvement seminar.

One of the problems with seminars is that the speaker can be so motivating, that by the time you leave the seminar, you're convinced you can do anything!

So WHY is this a PROBLEM?

Because once you get home, you're back to square one. You can't replicate the motivation and excitement that a pumped-up crowd and a motivating speaker gives you.

Instead, you're all by yourself; left to figure things out on your own. And THAT'S when your "old thinking" starts to kick in.

When I left that seminar, I compared myself to the speaker and thought, "Boy, I could NEVER measure up to the man that he was. Maybe I just don't have what it takes to feel better about myself...or make any difference in my life at all.

So what were MY RESULTS from that seminar?

1. My pocket book was a lot lighter

2. I had another self-improvement course to sit on my bookshelf and collect dust.

Enough said.

Mistake #3 — Self Help Books that Make You WORK Too Hard! 

I bought up every self-help and self improvement book I could get my hands on. But what I was shocked to discover was that the vast majority of these books made you WORK!  I mean REALLY work!

I'm talking step-by-step methods, which consisted of 20 steps that I needed to memorize and recite to myself EVERY DAY! 

It was information overload to the max and just all too easy to add the book to my collection of other old, dusty books and courses when things became tough.

And that was the whole problem. 

By the time I got to the end of the book, I had completely forgotten most of what I had read. I even went through the whole thing with a highlighter, but did I ever return to skim over the highlighted parts of the book as a "refresher course"?
Of course not!

If I couldn't understand how to immediately apply the new method or technique to my life, I simply forgot about it; almost as if I never even read the book.

You see, I tried them all, and each of these techniques made me feel like I was getting somewhere — at first, anyway. But they didn't do a darn thing to improve my life. My stress level was through the roof!

What's hard is finding the right techniques — proven ones with foolproof strategies that have worked time and time again.

I Used The SAME Strategies You'll Learn
About Today To Stop Dwelling On The
Negative Aspects Of My Life...

...And START Living A Life Of LESS
Stress and MORE Peace of Mind…
Regardless of My Circumstances.

I've taken every bit of insight I learned from self improvement books over the course of 27 YEARS and each and every method I used to feel better about myself and condensed it into a breakthrough guide, known as Softhearted Woman Hard World.

In this step-by-step book, I'll show you EXACTLY what you need to do if you want to eliminate the guilt, fear and self doubt from your life.

My 100% guaranteed, time-tested approach has for decades helped literally helped thousands of people understand who they really are.

Softhearted Woman Hard World will help you discover:
 How to get rid of that “little voice in your head” that tells you you’re never good enough.

How to overcome the "self-destructive programs" that cause you to make the same mistakes over and over again.

How to AVOID bottling up your bad feelings inside  to refrain from “rocking the boat".

A little-known secret you can use to get others to respect you for who you are...so you can be yourself...without feeling like you're trying to become a different person!

A simple way you can quickly and easily “tune out” that negative “voice inside your head” and stop your negative feelings INSTANTLY.

The truth behind what REALLY makes you feel torn, confused or uncertain about situations in life.

How to get off the emotional roller coaster by learning how to control your imagination.
(You’ll discover that if you don’t learn to control it, it can produce tons of negative feelings that can take over your life and put a great self image out of your reach.)

But it gets even better because...

I wanted to make it "FOOLPROOF" for EVERYONE...(even you procrastinators out there) to apply the little-known secrets and techniques in this book to your life...

I've recently added a whole new level of awareness to the Softhearted Woman Hard World "experience"...

Introducing, My
12-Week Audio Coaching Course...

"12 Weeks To STOP
Feeling Guilty"

The information in this 12-week audio coaching course is definitely NOT simply “rehashed” information from the book.

You will in fact be exposed to a whole NEW level of insight to ensure that you experience a positive and dramatic difference in your life once you read Softhearted Woman Hard World and go through the 12 week course.

When you read a chapter of the book and then hear my additional thoughts and experiences on each idea, something good happens. 

For reasons I can't explain, the words you read and the pictures you see on those pages in the book, will suddenly come to life through sound and give you the ability to visualize the concepts so you can more easily apply them to your unique set of difficulties in life.

This ensures that you actually absorb what you learn and apply the insights to your life instead of letting them slowly fade away (which commonly happens with most information we're exposed to.)

I've structured Softhearted Woman Hard World in 12 short, to the point,  yet very powerful chapters.  For each chapter you read, you'll listen to the expanded commentary for that chapter in the 12-week coaching course. 

For 3 Solid MONTHS, I'll Be "Right Along With You", Reinforcing The Critically Important Concepts You'll Learn In Softhearted Woman Hard World...

This SIGNIFICANTLY increases the likelihood that you will apply what I teach to your life.

After all, repetition is KEY in "adopting" any new concept into your life.

I'll teach you everything you need to achieve a happier, more fulfilling life, all in one place - from A-To-Z!  You can listen the CD's in your car, on your ipod, or in the comfort of your own home...you'll soon be on your way to a "new and improved" way of life before you know it!

A Better Life Has
Never Been More
"Within Your Reach"

NOW Is The Time To STOP Wishing For Things To Change...And Start Moving Forward Towards A Better Life!

Much like myself,
you may have been "dealt a difficult hand" in life...through NO FALUT of your own.

 You didn't ask to be "dropped" into the stress laden home you grew up in...

 You never wanted to let your negative feelings "run" your life...and invade your every waking thought...

 You didn't ask for the "raw deal" you've been given in life...

NO...you didn't ask for this life. 

It's NOT your fault. 

But it IS your responsibility to do something about the life you've been given.

Chances are, you've got someone who looks to you for support.

They NEED you to succeed.

Whether this person is your spouse, your best friend, a family member or your very own child...even if you don't feel you're "worthy" or "strong enough" to transform your life today using the methods I've laid out for you...

...if not for yourself, do it for THEM.

 "Why Is This Course Different From Any
Other Self-Improvement Method?"

I wanted Softhearted Woman Hard World to STAND OUT from all those other books and programs that actually make you WORK to improve your life.
In fact, I'm willing to guarantee that you'll notice a difference in your life just 14 days after reading the book.

In the book and 12-week coaching course, each key concept is carefully explained, using REAL LIFE examples, in a way that is inspirational and
easy-to comprehend and apply DIRECTLY to your daily life.

But don't take my word for it, I'll PROVE to you this is possible....Here's one woman that found relief within the VERY FIRST CHAPTER of the book...

"...in the Introduction I Wrote...
Very Helpful. A Feeling of Being Understood and Respected For
the First Time. I’m Crying...
It’s Healing Me...”

“I have never heard this concept before of Soft and Hard people. Just that idea alone brings understanding to a lot of things in my life.

Just the knowledge that I’m not alone in being a Softhearted woman is so helpful to me.

Right in the introduction I wrote, “Very helpful. A feeling of being understood and respected for the first time. I’m crying. It’s healing me. That’s what I wrote on that page.”

Mary Ann Vandervest


"Your Book Was Awesome. Although It Has Taken Me Awhile To Digest All Your Points, and Practice All Your Recommended Techniques, I Am Feeling Much Less Stress, and Am Really Starting To Enjoy Myself."

Good Morning Larry:

Your book was awesome. Although it has taken me a while to digest all your points, and practice all your recommended techniques (especially remembering my childhood), I am feeling much less stress, and am really starting to enjoy myself. I still have a long way to go...replaying your cd and reading your book. I also took your hidden lifestyles clinic. I will in my soft way try to get other people to "get on board" and do the same.

Something happened this week, and thanks to your guideance, I feel good. I hope you don't mind if I share this with you. Last year on our anniversary, I had a expectation from my husband that I hoped he would do something to make me feel special. My gesture to him was to buy plane tickets to Hawaii (one of his favorite places). Well, not only was I disappointed that he didn't stop to get even one flower, but he put on me to decide where to eat, and kept vetoing each of my choices (one was too expensive, one place was too noisy...well you get the picture). It ended in me telling him that I don't feel special, crying, and him getting mad and leaving (he went to Las Vegas with his son for 3 days). Now to the present. I have forgiven him and myself for that evening.

Anyway, I decided that we both needed to heal, and I thought he wouldn't remember our Anniversary...and I would just do the greatest gift that I could...just treat the day as any other, and be nice to him and love him as the hard man he is from Control Country. He was working (nights), and I took out a friend (lady) to eat in celebration of her 50th Birthday, and after stopped in to see a friend who had just opened her own business...a bar. Well, he sent me an e-mail from work saying he was sorry, and asked me if today was our anniversary. I sent him an e-mail saying thanks for the apology, and a note that I love him very much (that's what's important). I felt good all day, and stayed in my zone 1..had a wonderful dinner and conversation with my friend. Today, (the next day), I think he has moved from Zone 3 (I believe he was concerned that I would react the same way I did last year), almost back to 1.

Being from perfect country, and being a soft woman, I didn't realize how much of my life I've spent in Zone 3.

Thank you for your help, and I wish you much success.

Janis M. Huber

I could keep rambling on about the invaluable insight you’ll learn about in Softhearted Woman Hard World , but instead I’ll cut to the chase here…

 By Now, You’re Probably Wondering What A
Softhearted Woman Is...

 I know, I know, I haven’t told you yet…But FOR GOOD REASON.

If you are a Softhearted Woman, one of your greatest attributes is…

…Your *patience*…

Anyone interested in improving their self esteem and reducing the stress in their life, yet has the patience to read through a long letter like this is almost definitely…a Softhearted Woman....(or man)  ;-)

If you are "Softhearted", you are patient, compassionate, thoughtful and VERY understanding. You are always wiling to listen and weigh out the situation before making a decision.

But being Softhearted also has it's downside too....

In an effort to please the people around them, Softhearted men and women take on many requests and favors...often at the expense of their own time.

If you are Softhearted, some of your greatest obstacles are:
You find it difficult to say "no" to others because you feel like you're "letting that person down" or in essence, "rejecting them"...

You struggle with feelings of GUILT about "what you should have done"...

You want to be ACCEPTED for who you really are, but find that most people want to change you into someone you're not...

You avoid conflict and hide your feelings inside to refrain from "rocking the boat"...

You're criticized by the people around you for "not being tough enough"...

 Does This Sound Like You?

If it does, then keep STOP READING THIS LETTER NOW.

Because you've just found the solution you've been looking for.

Softhearted Woman Hard World and my 12-week coaching course will reveal everything you need to know about how to feel better about yourself, how to be PROUD of who you are and how to overcome each and every one of the challenges above.

All that...and MUCH, much more about how to live an overall happier life without changing who you really are.

So scroll to the bottom of this letter to discover the $269 in bonus gifts I'm going to GIVE YOU... if you order today...

(This includes a FREE, 30 minute coaching call with me, but this bonus is only available for a limited time due to the time constraints of my schedule. )

So be sure to order today so you don't miss out on this very valuable bonus!

Now let me answer a common question I'm asked, that you're probably asking yourself right now...

"How Could a MAN Write a Book for Softhearted WOMEN? You Don't Know What I'm Going Through!"

Simply stated; because I am a Softhearted man.

But just because I am a man, it doesn’t mean that I'm immune to the pressure that Hard people (I’ll get to what a Hard person is in a moment.) inflict upon Softhearted people.

You see, my wife is a Hard woman. These women are direct and at times have very rigid ways that result in treating Softhearted Women (and Softhearted men) with VERY little patience or flexibility.

And that is the exact reason why I struggled to be happy in my life with my wife for those very difficult 27 years…

 It all boiled down to a few important key concepts…

#1) My Wife and I Simply Didn't Understand Each Other...we had NOTHING in Common.

Frankly, we didn’t even want to understand each other because we were too wrapped up in trying to get each other to be more like ourselves. 
But today we are still married and we are best friends.  :-)

And neither of us has changed one bit…

Softhearted Woman Hard World will reveal each and every key concept you can use to improve YOUR relationships with the most difficult person in your life!

#2)  I Didn't Know the RIGHT and the WRONG Way to Deal With the Most Difficult "Hard" Person in My Life...(my wife).

If you are married to a Hard man, or woman, then you need to read this book because I wrote it for Softhearted people just like you.

I completely understand what you are going throughbecause I lived it for 27 years.

Hard people need to be spoken to in a different way than than you and I do. If you don't know the RIGHT way to handle them they can be like a ticking time bomb!


#3)  You Don’t Need To Change Who You Are To Be Happy In Life!

Contrary to what you might have heard  from friends, loved ones or co-workers…

You're perfect just the way you are.

You don't need to "get tougher" or take a stand to please everyone else at your own expense.

When Softhearted people try to "take a stand" in front of the Hard people in their lives, they end up just making themselves feel uncomfortable or foolish because they're trying to ACT like someone they're not.

The key is building up enough confidence to the point where you can confidently, and gracefully stand up for yourself....and NOT care what others think of you while you're doing it.

I only wish I knew all this sooner...

I hate to think about all the miserable days of my life that were just passing me by.

And that's why I'm offering you this chance to never have to say, "I wish I had would have known..."

Because Every Day You Live Your Life "As You
Know It",
You’re MISSING OUT On The Life
You COULD Have, Being The Confident and
Genuinely Happy Person

And today I'm giving you an exact, step-by-step "road map" for how to become that person.

But don’t take my word for it; see for yourself what another Softhearted Woman experienced after reading Softhearted Woman Hard World...

 "Thanks To this Book I Have An Increased Sense of Peace and Confidence Within Myself."

Softhearted Woman Hard World is an amazing book - it resonates with me completely. It has helped me to understand myself better and achieve a level of clarity that I have not had before.

I now am more aware of where the conflicts arise both with my husband and other close relationships. Not only do I have a broader understanding of the source of the conflicts in my relationships, but also the tools necessary to diffuse a potentially damaging situation.

Until this book came along, I did not realize that it is because of my nature that I have an inclination to give in to other people's requests and desires.

This book gives a straightforward, easily processed way of understanding what constitutes a soft person and how to address negative feelings and issues as they arise because we are trying to survive in a hard world by either being someone we are not (hard), or by being who we truly are, but not appreciated for it.

Best of all, I have learned that it is okay to be "soft” in a world which glorifies a hard nature. Thanks to this book I have an increased sense of peace and confidence within myself."

-Belinda Masse, Los Angles CA

Before you go on, An Important Note…

Please Read This Before Continuing.

This is NOT another book that will hint around at how to improve your confidence and accept yourself as you are, but never actually take you step-by-step through what you need to do to achieve it.

This book can completely change your whole outlook on your life…and if I may be so bold to say, this book will change your life.

How do I know this? Because it has deeply affected others and it has transformed their lives…

See for yourself …

"If You're Feeling Like a Doormat...This Book Offers Simpler Solutions to Help Recapture a Positive Attitude."

Softhearted Woman Hard World has helped me come to believe that my Softhearted nature is a real gift and should be appreciated by those close to me.

I now have tools that do not merely help me survive, but make me feel empowered when working with Hard people.

If you are feeling like a doormat, or feel that you are doing too much and receiving too little in return, this book offers simpler solutions to help recapture a positive attitude.”

Susan Bohlssen- Wisconsin

"What a Jam-Packed, Informative Book. It has
Such Practical, Useful Tools 
to Really Help Me Improve
My Life And Relationships."

What a jam-packed, informative book. It has such practical, useful tools to really help me improve my life and relationships.

It’s so reassuring to know that I can still be a Softhearted woman while being married to a Hard man, and not feel the pressure to be hard like him.

I’m also really excited to continue the on-going support through the Website. I will highly recommend this book to all my Softhearted friends!”

Kristen Stedl

And I'm so sure that this book will have the same powerful impact on your life as it has for these other women, that I'm willing to back it up with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

I'll come back to that later.

"The Book Gave Me the Words
To Use In Making a Decision
To Say “No” and Not Feel
Guilty Because of it."

“It’s so good to have a book verifying that Softhearted women do exist, I am one of them and that makes me ok!

The world was pushing their terms on me with I’m “too sensitive”, I’m a “door mat” or I’m “not assertive enough”. I am validated finally.

This book increased my self-confidence just knowing that I’m Soft and that it’s good.
The book also gave me the words to use in making a decision to say “no” and not feel guilty because of it.

My relationship with my Hard natured husband has become much more positive and he even sees me in a different light.

Hard to imagine that a book could do this but it was just the right message for the right woman.”

-Kris Lawniczak

 And this method is just the "snowflake" on the tip of the iceberg!

This is just one of the many methods you’ll learn about in Softhearted Woman Hard World and the 12-week coaching course.

...There’s so much more, but I know you're short on time... 

And because I don’t want you to have to “guess” what’s inside this book only to have it arrive and not meet your expectations, I’m just going to “lay it all out on the table” and give you a brief explanation of what each chapter will do for you.

There are 12 powerful chapters in
Softhearted Woman Hard World.

These include:

 Chapter 1 -
Thriving in a Hard World

Discover why you may have been “pre-programmed” for insecurity and self doubt and what you MUST do if you ever want to improve your self esteem and gain a sense of self respect. (pg 21-22)

Find out why your greatest strengths often come at a price and learn what you can do about it. (pg 18)

Identify the real reason Softhearted women feel they need to “get tougher” and understand why doing so will never make you happy. (pg 20)

Chapter 2You’re only in the Zone when it’s Zone 1

•Discover a little-known solution you can use to communicate with the Hard person in your life WITHOUT conflict. (pg 35)

Learn how to use a tool called the Attitude Scale to instantly gain a sense of relief and comfort when you find yourself in a difficult or stressful confrontation. (pg 26)

•Discover why it is so important to know the difference between Soft and Hard people.
(This is critical! You must understand that there is a major difference in the way these people need to be treated if you ever plan to reduce the amount of relationship stress in your life.) (pg 28)

Chapter 3
Discover Your Original "Software"

Find out what your “Invisible Lifestyle” is. When was it formed? How can you change it? And why is it so important in improving your self esteem and reducing the stress in your life? (Understanding this concept is a major building block in your quest for a better life. (pg 38)

•Why understanding your “Invisible Lifestyle” will almost guarantee an improvement in your relationship with the man in your life. (pg 41-43)

Find out how to get rid of any bad habits you may possess and learn why willpower alone will never help you do it.....and no, it doesn’t involve hypnosis. (pg 53-58) ;-)

Chapter 4What Country are You From?

•Learn the 3 “magic” words you can say to the Hard person in your life that will keep them from – “flying off the handle”. (Discover why this common, yet huge mistake can instantly launch your relationship into turmoil. (pg 64)

Discover a quick and easy way to identify who you really are. Learn the right and wrong ways of dealing with the 4 kinds of people in the world. (You’ll get a "behind the scenes" look into why the people around you do the (what might at times seem crazy) things they do. (pg 62)

•Learn a foolproof way to “read people like a book” and eliminate the stress caused by relationships with other difficult people in your life. (you know who they are) (pg 63-74)

Chapter 5How to Say NO Without Feeling Guilty

•Learn the truth about what is really behind your need to please. (pg 76)

Discover a simple technique you can use to have your own non-confrontational way to say “no” to people without feeling like you’re rejecting or letting them down. (The best part is you’ll get to remain true to yourself, own your own time and feel…guilt free! (pg 80-86)

 Chapter 6Events Have No Meaning Until…

•This simple concept will make you think twice before reacting to a negative or positive event in your life. (pg 89-92)

Warning! There is actually a part of your brain you cannot always count on. (Don’t worry, everybody has it.) (And it has everything to do with the way you view yourself .) This part of your brain actually has enough power to literally “shut down your brain”. Awareness is the key here! (pg 92-94)

Chapter 7
It’s On Your ITV

•Learn how to use your most powerful and influential asset to overcome your negative feelings. (This often overlooked ‘trick’ will allow you to quickly eliminate your negative feelings in seconds. (pg 98-99)

How to get off the emotional roller coaster by learning how to control your imagination. (You’ll discover that if you don’t learn to control it, it can produce tons of negative feelings that can take over your life and put a great self image out of your reach. (pg 97-101)

•What you must understand about the power of your imagination. ( It can actually override your five senses - Learn why you need to know that this is both a good and bad thing. (pg 99)

Chapter 8
Which Side Are You On?

The truth behind what REALLY makes you feel torn, confused or uncertain about situations in life. (pg 109)

•Learn how to avoid falling into the vicious cycle of letting your fear take over your life. (If you don’t know the right and wrong way of dealing with your fear, it will eventually consume you and leave you feeling worried and stressed. (pg 112-113)

Why it is almost impossible to improve your self esteem if you don’t believe, without a doubt in your mind, that it will happen. (pg 110-117)

Chapter 9
Do You Smell Something?

•True or false; if you want to stop feeling negative, you just have to think positively. FALSE! You must understand where a negative attitude REALLY comes from first. Learn how. (pg 119)

Discover the little-known method you can use to keep grief, heartache and conflict out of your relationships with loved ones around you. (pg 123)

•How to avoid letting your negative feelings escalate into an explosive point when it’s too late to repair. (Find out why it is CRITICAL that you eliminate your negative feelings the moment they appear. (pg 125)

Chapter 10
The 7 Things Everyone Is Looking For

Discover where true happiness comes from. Most people think that life is so complicated and that there are 12,000 different things that you must continuously work on. But contrary to popular belief, there are only 7 areas of life that truly matter. Yep, that’s not a typo, I said *7*. (pg 127-132)

•Learn how to reduce your stress and simplify your life by identifying which of the 7 things in your life you need to improve. (pg 127-128)

Find out how you can measure and track your level of happiness in the 7 things that truly matter in life. (With this knowledge alone, I guarantee that your life will not seem so complicated once you discover what these 7 things are. pg 127-132)

Chapter 11
The Little Voice Inside Your Head

Find out exactly why it is NOT you who is responsible for creating your negative feelings that are the source of your low self image. (pg 134)

Discover exactly what is responsible for creating your negative feelings and learn what you must do to stop it. (pg 138-140)

Chapter 12
– "
Shutting Down" That Little Annoying Voice

•Discover a way you can quickly and easily “tune out” that negative “voice inside your head” and stop your negative feelings instantly. (pg 143-166)

Find out why it’s so hard to be positive and so easy to be negative…and what to do about it. (pg 145)

Learn the secret behind how to quickly transform your feelings from insecure to secure and from fearful to fearless by shutting down that negative voice inside your head. (pg 145-188)

•And much, much more...this is just the beginning!

I wanted Softhearted Woman Hard World to be
easy to read and comprehend, so I illustrated each key concept with pictures that can be EASILY applied to your daily life.

There’s plenty of room in the margins for notes and I’ve included illustrations you can cut out and bring with you or place around your home so you don’t forget the important concepts you learn in this book.

The combination of these extra steps, along with the expanded audio series provide you with a definite chance for LONG-TERM SUCCESS.

With This Kind Of Information At Your
Fingertips, You Can Sleep Well Tonight Knowing Your NEW Life Can Start In Just A Few Days!

But before I go any further and reveal to you how you can grab these life-altering techniques and insights for yourself, which I'm confident will dramatically change your life like it has for so many others, I need to give you some more SOLID PROOF that they actually have worked for others….

"I Now Know that My Sensitive Nature is Not Wrong...Just Different than Someone With a Hard Nature."

“What I found to be the most affirming idea in Softhearted Woman Hard World is that I can, with intent, harness the emotions of a Softhearted woman WITHOUT sacrificing them!

I now know that my sensitive nature is not wrong, it is just different than someone with a Hard nature.

But most importantly, I can choose to use my Softhearted nature to positively impact those around me. It’s a choice I can control.”

Donna Losito, Illinois

"...I Can Honestly Say That
The Revolutionary Tools
Offered in This Book Are a
Boon To All Relationships."

“Upon reading Larry Bilotta's breakthrough book Softhearted Woman Hard World, two marvelous things occurred: I now have a much greater understanding and appreciation of the Softhearted people in my life, thereby improving my relationships with them.

Secondly, as a "Hard" woman, I can honestly say that the revolutionary tools offered in this book are a boon to all relationships. Softhearted Woman Hard World is a human relations banquet that needs to be savored by "soft" and "hard" people alike."

Bonnie L. Murphy

"Larry, Since I've Read Your 
Book I've Stopped Blaming
Myself For So Many Things."

“Larry, since I’ve read your book I’ve stopped blaming myself for so many things.

What a relief it’s been!

There’s no relief for Soft women and we have no way to explain what’s happening to us. This book does that."

Geri DuBois

"Soft Women Do Need This. I Think All Women Need This.”

“Personally I saw your book as a reaffirmation that says "Yes this IS me".

I think you have a real winner on your hands. Soft women do need this. I think all women need this.”

Sue Toelle

"Softhearted Woman Hard World Has Helped Both of Us Understand Who We Are...and What We Can Do to...Get What We Want Out of Life."

Softhearted Woman Hard World has helped both of us understand who we are, why we react the way we do and what we can do to avoid feeling guilty, keep thinking positively and get what we want out of life.  

Larry has broken down complex psychological issues about human dynamics into straightforward simple concepts with easily remembered suggestions and exercises.

His case scenarios are relevant, meaningful and helpful.

We have learned, through this book, that both hard and soft natured individuals have many positive contributions.

Understanding who we are and the nature of those we live and work with gives us the perspective we need to move beyond past difficulties and meet future encounters positively.

Read it on your own, or with a friend, sister, colleague or spouse – but read it!

Patty Wouters - LLC Career and Lifestyle Transitions
Colleen Kaftan - Executive Development Programs

"...You Showed Me How I
Could Become the Person I
Was Intended to Be....
I Like Myself."

Larry, to explain what you have done for me personally is to write a book. Since you’ve already done that, I will spare you.

The very biggest thing you have taught me is how to appreciate all types of people - spouses, children, co-workers, family, friends, and enemies – everyone!

You explained that some people are like foreign exchange students from Zimbabwe. I have to learn their customs and language before I can understand them.

I knew right then and there that I was married to a foreign exchange student – for 35 years. Not only did I NOT understand him, but I had ISSUES with him.

With your gentle instruction, I learned to really understand and see my husband for the first time.

He was no longer just a helpless psychotic with an attitude problem. He was really a gentle, sensitive, thoughtful and good intentioned man.

And I was no longer on a lifelong mission to make him into me. Boy, was my husband happy!

Then, as if that weren’t enough, you showed me how I could become the person I was intended to be – Cheerful, loving, energetic, thoughtful, light hearted, kind and fun. I like myself. And I adore my husband. I ’m sorry to say I did not become a good cook.

Brenda Jones –Stevens Point, Wisconsin

"Larry, You Have Been a Life Changing Force and a Gift Given to Softhearted Women Like Myself!"

Larry, you have been a life changing force and a gift given to Softhearted Women like myself!

Working with this "new" knowledge has given me a new feeling of having more control in my life to create positive outcomes instead of reeling from the negative.

Your words "it only takes one person to heal a relationship" keep running through my brain and every time I'm up against a tough situation while I watch my "greatest memory" in my head that gives me so much relief. Thank you for all you do.”

Carol Pickett

I’m Giving Away Every Confidence Building Method...
Every PROVEN Tip... Every Bit Of Experience I've
Picked Up Through My 27 Years Of Trial And Error!

Yes, you read that right: This book is not theory. It's what I have actually done and still do everyday to be happy in my life.

The methods I’ll be teaching you about just can’t be found in the back of a textbook.

In fact, I go a lot further than most self-improvement books out there. When you buy a book, does it give you the tools and ongoing support you need to succeed?

Of course not! But this book does…

If, after reading Softhearted Woman Hard World, you have any questions about how to apply the methods to your unique situation, you can simply email me and I will personally answer your questions within 48 hours (most of the time within 24 hours.)

 Plus, As A Special Bonus For Ordering
Today, You'll Receive A FREE, 30 Minute
One-On-One Coaching Call With Me...

(More On That In A Minute...)

I Absolutely Guarantee You’ll:

Become comfortable with who you really are at heart and what is great about you for the first time in your life.

Have more time to yourself without feeling guilty for it

In only 60 seconds, have the power to get rid of that negative, critical voice inside your head that constantly puts you down.

Get the most important people in your life to stop taking advantage of you and start your life to appreciating and accepting you.

Discover how to maintain a conflict-free relationship with the Hard people in your life. (Who are normally VERY confrontational and stubborn)

No longer perceive everyone as a threat.

Despite what others say, discover why being Softhearted is a great thing.

Stop living your life in fear of being judged.

Gain a sense of stability in the midst of chaos.

Learn how to avoid feeling like you have let everyone down.

Okay, So What's the Cost of This One of a Kind
Resource I Specially Created For You?

Let's do a quick comparison – you could spend lots of money buying expensive self help books, tapes and audio series that speak to you, but you can't speak back to them or ask them questions about your personal situation.

These expensive books and tapes often end up on a shelf anyway because of the fact that it's so easy to lose your sense of urgency and give up – plus,  they don't come with a 100% money-back guarantee – (I'll get to that later, so just keep reading).

By the way, I can promise you that NO ONE can offer you the kind of insight you’ll learn about in this book – it's one of a kind – and has helped hundreds of people just like you and me.

The other option is for you to get your own personal therapist, counselor or coach whose rates can vary from $90-150.00 an hour!

And even then, they may not be able to help you in your current situation because they have not been where you are nowI know I can help you because I have.

So after careful consideration, I decided to offer Softhearted Woman Hard World and my 12-week coaching course for $57.  That's a small price to pay considering the tremendous difference you’ll notice in your attitude toward yourself and those around you....even in your general outlook on life for that matter!

Click here to order today!


If you're not at a point in your life, where you're ready to be a "good student", then the $57 investment will really not benefit you in any way...in fact, NOTHING WILL.

If you're not ready to make a difference in your life by actually APPLYING what I teach you, please forget about this offer and all the bonuses that will follow because you are not ready to be a good student.

So what IS a "good student?" Good question. ;-)

A good student is someone who is hungry for improvement. Good students have a feeling about where they want to go in the future and they are ready to put the time, the desire and the effort into applying what they learn.

$57 is a small price to pay to  improve your self esteem, eliminate your negative feelings and reduce your stress more and more over time!

And that's just what you'll do once you apply the concepts and methods in Softhearted Woman Hard World and the 12-week coaching course.

You’ll get the kind of results that last an entire lifetime – the kind of results that are difficult to put a price on. But since I want to help as many people as possible, I set the price at $57 for this special offer.

Click here to order today.

   But it Get's Even Better Because... 

I want to make saying "Yes" to this opportunity even easier by including several very valuable bonuses that truly make this valuable package a mistake to pass up.

You'll Also Get $172 in Bonus
Gifts For FREE!


 (**Coaching call available for a limited time only...due to time restraints)

FREE Bonus #1:

The Downloadable Transcript Of The "12 Weeks To Stop Feeling Guilty" Coaching Course 

(A $15 Value)

As an added bonus, you'll receive the downloadable transcript to the "12 Weeks To Stop Feeling Guilty" coaching course so you can carefully review it whenever you'd like or quickly refer back to specific parts of the transcript after you re-read any chapter in Softhearted Woman Hard World.


FREE Bonus #2:

The Never Before Released:

Black Stamp Tension
Release Technique

Reduce Your Stress to 0% in
Seconds with the Black Stamp.

(A $25 Value)

This is an EXCLUSIVE bonus for every person that orders Softhearted Woman Hard World.

The Black Stamp Tension Release Technique: This may not be you, but it just might.  Are you one of those people who can't get negative thoughts out of your head?  Do you stay awake at night, tossing and turning, constantly "re-playing" your day...along with every bad thing that happened to you?   

It's time for you to learn about the Black Stamp technique.  It came to me in a dream many years ago when I was deep in my struggle to live with the hardest woman in the world...my wife. 

I began to use it the very next day.  My tension disappearedIt was astounding.  And now I want to share it with you.

This technique is one of those rare gems that can catapult your life in a much better direction.

I've never before sold the Black Stamp technique on the internet - ever.

So you will be one of the select people who will have access to this powerful technique.

You'll get access to the live version of this bonus as an MP3 download so you can listen to it...no matter where you are.


FREE Bonus #3:

A Complementary 30-Minute, One-On-One Coaching Call
and Customized "Flag Page"

(A $95 Value)

(Available for a limited time only)

In addition to discovering who you really are at heart and where you succeed in life, the Flag Page is instrumental in helping you find direction in life and solving your biggest relationship struggles.

The combination of the powerful techniques in Softhearted Woman Hard World, my 12-week coaching course and the additional bonuses will ensure that your life "as you know it" will be a thing of the past.

But as if that wasn't enough, you're going to receive a FREE, 30 minute, one-on-one coaching call with me, along with your order today!

Whether you're looking to improve your relationship with your spouse, friend or co-worker, the Flag Page will help you get to the SOURCE of your relationships troubles so you can reduce your stress and get the relationship you really wanted all along.       

After taking just 5 minutes to complete this tool online, I will tell you a 100% POSITIVE “story” about who you are, what motivates you and where you will succeed in life.

The Flag Page is certainly NOT any kind of personality test that will have you walking away saying, "oh, that was interesting."

When I explain your Flag Page to you over the phone, you'll have a very clear, concise and definite "road map" of who you are, where you're going and where you will succeed in life.

This call, combined with each of the tools you've been given will GUARANTEE you will shatter limitations, breakdown barriers and BURST through belief systems that have held you back from the life you desire and deserve.


FREE Bonus #4:

The SECRET Path To Divorce
Special Report

(A $37 Value)

This special report will tell you how to know if you're on the SECRET path to divorce - (Even if you're NOT yet married).

You'll discover how to recognize the path that ALL COUPLES travel when they are headed toward the downward spiral that leads to the end of EVERY relationship.

This report discusses the warning signs that married couples need to be aware of, but these warning signs can be seen in all serious relationships as well. So if you're not married, this STILL applies to you!

After Reading This Report, You Will...

Find out about the little-known secret of entering a marriage/relationship with “Ultimate Expectations” (The longer these remain unknown, the greater your chances are of "divorce".)

Never have to worry about an affair taking place. (It is just another predictable step on the path to divorce)

Discover why romance over-sells and marriage under-delivers.

Understand that there is still hope for your marriage -
But only if you understand the 5 Melt Down Signs that lead to divorce.

This report may save you from one of the most PAINFUL experiences you'll ever go through; divorce.  Now you can prevent it from happening to you.

In Summary, You'll Receive Everything
You See Below For An Investment Of
$57 If You Order Today...

Softhearted Woman Hard World

I'm So Confident You'll Be Thrilled With Softhearted
Woman Hard World and the "12 Weeks To Stop
Feeling Guilty" Audio Set That I'm Giving
You This "No Hassle" Guarantee...

  You Take Absolutely No
Risk With My Money Back Personal Guarantee...

If  after applying the confidence building methods in Softhearted Woman Hard World and the 12-week coaching course, you don't notice an improvement in your confidence and see a dramatic DECREASE in the amount of stress in your life within 14 days of reading the book and listening to the 12-week audio course...

...I will gladly pay you back every cent you paid...no questions asked.

You have my word on it.

But you'll still get to keep the $172 in special bonuses no matter what...FOR FREE!


Larry Bilotta


Simply apply the methods you learn and if it doesn't work out and you don't notice a dramatic improvement in the way you view yourself and those around you in 90 days, just return the book and the coaching course to me and I'll promptly refund your money- no questions asked.

How's that?

There are no if's, and's or but's about it.

If you aren't totally thrilled with Softhearted Woman Hard World and the 12-week coaching course for any reason (or for no reason at all) then just send me an email and I'll cheerfully give you a 100% refund, less shipping and handling.

That's about as fair as it gets! You have absolutely no risk whatsoever. There is no “fine print” and no questions asked.

Either you love it or you get a refund and KEEP the $269 in bonuses for FREE

Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

Yes, Larry!  I'm Ready To Feel Better About Myself A.S.A.P!

Please Rush Me Softhearted Woman Hard World Immediately!

Option 1)

Ship The Course To Me!

Get Your Copy of the Softhearted Woman Hard
World 12-Week Coaching Course for $57

(Materials Will Be Shipped To You)

Credit cards


I Want The Digital Download Version Only!

Get Your Copy of the Downloadable Softhearted
Woman Hard World 12-Week Coaching Course for $37

(Instant Download Only - Materials Will Not Be Shipped)

Credit cards

I know you'll be thrilled with Softhearted Woman Hard World...and you'll be overjoyed by the tremendous difference you’ll notice in your attitude toward yourself and those around you.

With my "No-Hassle" guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to risk... and
everything to gain!

To a new and improved you,


Larry Bilotta

Author – Softhearted Woman Hard World

P.S. Don’t forget you have 90 days to review the book and additional materials. That gives you 3 FULL MONTHS to apply the methods and eliminate your self-doubt, overcome your guilt and gain the people skills you need to set boundaries and gain respect from those around you. You can easily get a refund at anytime during those 3 months. You take absolutely no risk.

P.P.S. I can't think of one good reason that you should continue to live your life with self-doubt and insecurity. You deserve to be appreciated and accepted for being who you truly are. You've given so much for so long; isn't it about time someone started caring for your needs?

Remember, today's date of  – because from this day forward, once you read Softhearted Woman Hard World, you will continue to gain more and more confidence over time until you finally begin to see yourself as an important and valuable person. So take action right now, today, while it's fresh on your mind...and order now!

So go ahead! Get your copy today!

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